About EcoOnline

EcoOnline: making workplace safety the natural choice

EcoOnline is an IT firm dedicated to developing software to make workplace safety and management and documentation of chemicals, as user-friendly and cost-efficient as possible. Our headquarters are in Norway and we have operations across the EU region.

A safer workplace - surprisingly simple

We help businesses get control and follow the law – easily and cost -effectively. The company was founded in 2000 and currently has over 5 500 customers and 200 employees in Ireland, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Our company is focused on bringing to life a simple core idea: when workplace safety is so easy, it becomes a natural habit. One that keeps growing, year after year. So, the easier and more seamless we can make it for workers to understand and comply with safety procedures, the safer they become. That’s why EcoOnline software is comprehensive, yet easy to use.

"Protecting people and the environment"

Our vision

The preferred provider of HSEQ tools and services, delivering sustainable results for our customers and the planet.

Our mission

We help our customers to create safe, sustainable, efficient and attractive workplaces, through user-friendly SaaS tools.

Our way to the goal

By being close to our customers, partners and authorities, we create future solutions for safe and sustainable jobs.

Our values

We help each other deliver an optimal customer experience by operating with integrity, respect and ambition. We’re playful and open-minded along the way.

Built on proven experience

All our products are developed based on our expertise helping clients around Europe reach compliance with EU and national safety regulations and, not least, their own ambitions for occupational and environmental safety. We are the leader in online chemical safety in the Nordic region, with our products protecting workers at over 5000 organisations around Europe.

Committed to sustainable development

One of the founding principles of our company is that we’re committed to delivering on several of the United Nations’s Sustainable Development goals:

  • Goals 3 and 8: “Good health and well-being” and “Decent work and economic growth,” based on the number of our customers and their employees
  • Goal 12: “Responsible production and consumption”, based on the amounts of dangerous substances substituted using our software